Use performance logs by creating project information; cost codes contain, description of the activity, quantity, unit, labor hours, labor cost, and materials cost, equipment cost, subcontractor cost including the start and finish a day of each activity. All the cost codes with activities, employees, material, equipment, wage rate data, including supplier’s data, can be imported & exported with global data or in excel, which will save time for the user. Performance Logs are created in a Web and Mobile Application. It is used to enter the project data in the form of cost codes; resources used such as labor hours through time logs, materials, equipment, and subcontracting costs with quantities performed, classifying delays if any, record site conditions quality & safety checklist including photos or videos.

  1. Time logs
  2. Record Lost production
  3. Send RFI’s and manage logs.
  4. Cost & Schedule Performance
  5. Record with photos and videos
  6. Track usage of Construction Vehicles
  7. Site working conditions- Safety & Quality
  8. Cumulative labor hours employee wise & project wise
  9. Safety logs with safety toolbox talks in English & Spanish.
  10. Track delays Excusable or Non Excusable and compensable
  11. Generate reports, graphs, reminders, and monitor summary data on a dashboard.
  12. Classify Daily Logs as working day, nonworking day, change order, or T & M workday
  13. Use the generated data to calculate certified payrolls and the Schedule of Values.
  14. Daily logs and reports generated in PDF format can be sent to the respective stakeholders via email.
  15. Schedule Variance (SV), Cost Variance (CV), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), and Cost Performance Index ( CPI).
  16. Managing and controlling employee data at one location to run certified payrolls, OSHA requirements, track type of skill pool, and create employee resumes if and when needed or call / email them to work as and when required.
  17. Each employee can upload or update their information with a separate user account which will minimize the employer time to enter key data. Therefore, it is easy to contact or notify an emergency contact during any emergency. Set reminders to renew their certificates
  18. Suitable for several types of construction firms such as local construction companies, design-build construction, foundation construction, power construction, building construction, civil construction, including construction services firms
  19. Upload receipts of Construction supply
Major features included in this app are:
  • Dashboard
  • Daily Logs
  • Time Sheets
  • Safety Logs
  • Safety Talks
  • Easy Signature
  • Download Reports
  • Email Reports
  • Photo Gallery
  • Weather Reports
  • Custom Branding
  • Any Number Of Projects
  • Cost Codes Performed
  • Productivity Support
  • Schedule Performance
  • Cost Performance
  • Easy To Create Certified Payrolls
  • Rfi Logs
  • Project Summary
  • Cloud Support
  • Video Gallery
  • Monitor Productivity
  • Notifications / Reminders
  • Resources
  • Cost Code Resource
  • Agencies Resource
  • Worker Titles Resource
  • Materials Resource
  • Equipments Resource
  • Trades Resource
  • Employees Resource
  • Suppliers Resource
  • Bids Resource
  • Project Management
  • Reports