Use Safety logs by creating project information, trade, worker, signature, brand, and toolbox talks data can be imported & exported with global data or in excel, saving the user time. Safety Logs are created in a Web and Mobile Application by entering safety checklists, unsafe conditions with photos, videos, and signatures. Create toolbox talks with employees’ signatures and create OSHA 300 Logs.

  1. Record with photos
  2. Toolbox talk meetings
  3. Toolbox talks topic in English & Spanish
  4. Site working conditions- Safety checklists to ensure the construction site is safe.
  5. Reports generation in pdf format and the everyday daily logs can be emailed to the respective stakeholders.
Major features included in this app are:
  • Dashboard
  • Safety Logs
  • Safety Talks
  • Easy Signature
  • Custom Branding
  • Any Number Of Projects
  • Resources
  • Agencies Resource
  • Worker Titles Resource
  • Trades Resource
  • Employees Resource