Use Time logs by creating project information, employees, trade, worker title data can be imported & exported with global data or in excel, saving time for the user. Time management can be achieved using construction software. Time Logs are created in a Web and Mobile Application. It is used to calculate employees’ time in and time out, which will calculate the labor hours in regular, overtime, and double time for each project, including the cost of workers’ compensation insurance.

  1. Double time
  2. Premium time
  3. Cumulative hours
  4. Record Lost production
  5. Cumulative labor hours employee wise & project wise
  6. Generate reports and monitor summary data on a dashboard.
  7. Use the generated data to calculate certified payrolls and the Schedule of Values.
  8. Managing and controlling employee data at one location to run certified payrolls, OSHA requirements, track type of skill pool, and create employee resumes if and when needed or call/ email them to work as and when required.
  9. Each employee can upload or update their information with a separate user account, minimizing the employer time to enter key data. Therefore, it is easy to contact or notify an emergency contact during any emergency.
Major features included in this app are:
  • Dashboard
  • Time Sheets
  • Easy Signature
  • Custom Branding
  • Any Number Of Projects
  • Resources
  • Agencies Resource
  • Worker Titles Resource
  • Trades Resource
  • Employees Resource