About Ezelogs

The Construction industry is facing many challenges in the modern-day. Nowadays it is crucial to have meticulous research and experiences and guidance of owner with 28 plus years of work experience to deal with obstacles in this field. Furthermore, with the support of the IT team, we were able to develop a Construction Management app called "Ezelogs". This app can improve project efficiency and minimize the challenges faced by the construction industry during a given project life cycle. The purpose of this app is to create and make use of Time logs, Daily logs, Safety Logs, Safety Toolbox talks, several 100 preloaded safety toolbox talks in English and Spanish, generate or upload your talks, Performance logs, Project Management logs, manage employee data completely at one location, Create cost codes to track productivity, Cost & Schedule performance of the project, monitor utilization of resources, everyday progress & gross profit made, track project delays and easy to work on time extension and claims. Create Schedule of Values (SOV), Certified Payrolls, and Submittals. Send RFIs, Manage documentation, Extract pdf documents to easily share with suppliers & subcontractors to get their quotes. Easy to manage share the data with project stakeholders by emails, generate several types of reports & graphs. Easy to download & upload various forms in excel to minimize manual entry in-app. Photo & video management helps to tracks and monitor the progress remotely. Generate reminders with a beautifully designed dashboard with necessary key information and many more. In addition, the app is created with multiple packages and clients can easily switch from one package to another. General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors, Small business contractors, MBE contractors, WBE contractors, SBE contractors, DBE contractors, Builders, Developers, Construction Management, Project management firms, Project Managers, Supervisors, Site Safety Managers, Freelancers, Consultants, Office engineers, Project engineers, and Site Safety Supervisors can easily use ezelogs app in the USA as well as globally.